Empty rooms speak volumes: drab, lifeless, seller needs to sell
After staging it, the room speaks: Come for a look before it’s sold!
We provide renovation suggestions to make dated rooms and houses…
Excite buyers and put more money in the seller’s pocket!
Buyers see a kitchen in need of an update and price that in their offers
With the right updates, we gave them a renovated kitchen for way less which means a higher selling price.
With so many condos selling in downtown, this ho hum space needed to stand out
We brought in furniture and it sold FAST!
Sometimes your place has great bones but
It needs more pizzaz to keep the buyers’ attention as they flip thru countless images
If your room is a dining room, make it look like a dining room
By adding a new light fixture and dining room furniture
For most of us this is what our place looks like
We help highlight the space by repositioning or removing furniture.
Oversized dining room furniture
Was moved out; we used existing furniture and added prints, flower and light fixture. Tah dah, picture perfect!
Same furniture…
After decluttering and rearranging, the master bedroom looks much roomier
Buyers see what they see. This room was used as one large living room.
We repurposed into two spaces: a living and a dining room